Starts Shipping January 2021.
The next chapter in #connected software defined radios..


The CloudSDR is a stand-alone, high performance 9 kHz - 1500+ MHz SDR with a built-in internet server. The radio performs the tuning and demodulation of signals and transmits the demodulated information back to a PC or Android client over the internet.

Preliminary Information


  1. -Internet of Things (IoT) remote access point

  2. -Geolocation of remote signals

  3. -Distributed radio and sensor systems

  4. -Remote receiver monitoring

  5. -Sonar and radioactivity monitoring

  6. -Flyable drone receiver for reconnaissance

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CloudSDR Direct Sampling SDR + 1500+ MHz silicon tuner, 10 MHz Reference input, Trigger Input, TCXO, Direct connect IQ or Cloud Server Mode. Artix 7 100T, STM32F7 Processor.

CloudSDR: $1499