RFSPACE is a leading provider and innovator in plug & play Software Defined Radio (SDR) solutions. Our products enable spectrum analysis, monitoring, shortwave reception, IQ spectral recording and many other scientific applications.

NEW - The NetSDR, SDR-IP  and SDR-IQ, Cloud-IQ are now supported in GNURadio OsmoSDR block and SDR#.

Remote your SDR-IQ, NetSDR or Cloud-IQ from anywhere in the world using your Android tablet.
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The new Cloud-IQ receiver offers unparalleled performance in the 0.009-56 MHz range with an HD2 and HD3 performance of -90 dB FS and sensitivity of -137 dBm/Hz in a 500 Hz BW. The Cloud-IQ has a standard IQ streaming mode for use with your favorite applications like SpectraVue, SDR-Radio and SDR#. In addition, the Cloud-IQ has a built-in low bandwidth server that allows the remote operation of the radio over the internet using our Windows, Mac, Linux or Android applications.

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Introducing the new RFSPACE Ultra-Wideband (UWB). These antennas cover different frequency bands from 0.200 - 12 GHz