The SDR-IQ™ is a 14-bit software defined radio receiver. It offers a broad range of spectrum analyzer and demodulation capabilities. The hardware samples the whole 0.0001-30 MHz band using a high performance, 14 bit analog to digital converter (ADC) running at 66.6 MHz. The digital data from the ADC is processed into I and Q format using a direct digital converter (DDC). The I and Q data is then sent to the PC for processing using a USB 2.0 interface. All of the demodulation and spectral functions are done on the PC side.

The SDR-IQ™ comes with a High Frequency (HF) amplified front-end with switched attenuators, switched filters and 1Hz tuning. The SDR-IQ™  comes with the latest version of Moetronix SpectraVue™ and SDR-Radio software.  It supports AM, WFM, USB, LSB, N-FM, DSB and CW with fully adjustable DSP Filter bandwidths and FFT sizes of 2048 to 262144 points. The resolution bandwidth is as low as 0.031 Hz.

SDR-IQ™ Software Defined Radio, Spectrum Analyzer and Panoramic Adapter

Key Features

Maximum display bandwidth of 196 KHz at an incredible 0.75 HZ RBW.

Records and plays back spectrum segments up to 196 KHz wide with full demodulation and tuning capabilities.

Amazing Frequency coverage of 500Hz to 30 MHz. Usable down to 100 Hz.

Fully documented interface and ActiveX control.

Reliable SpectraVue software with free upgrades.

Included example source code for spectrum analysis application.

Directly interfaces with Icom, Kenwood, Elecraft and Yaesu radios for use as a tracking panoramic adapter.

Built in serial RS-232 port. This port can be used to communicate with external radios.

Supports AM, FN, NFM, WFM, LSB, USB, CW, CWR, DSB, DRM and customs demod filters / offsets.

Outputs data in I/Q Wave Format, Excel and graphic formats with resolutions as wide as 262144 pixels.

Totally self contained. No power supply needed. You will be up and running in 5 minutes.

SDR-IQ is FCC and CE compliant



  1. High performance HF Receiver with 190 KHz realtime Panoramic Adapter

  2. Ultrasound experimentation (Sonar, Underwater ultrasound, Bat and Insect detectors)

  3. IR (Infrared) subcarrier detection and communications

  4. Record up to 190 KHz of spectrum to hardrive for later playback and demodulation

  5. Panoramic adapter for Communication Receivers (any IF in HF band 455 KHz, 8.83 MHz, 10.7 MHz, 21.4 MHz, etc)

  6. Very Low Frequency (VLF) Studies

  7. Spectrum Analyzer backends

  8. Processor for Radio Astronomy receivers


  1. Smallest SDR with RF DSP™ that samples the whole HF band at once and performs the initial    filtering at 67 MHz sample rate with 23 bit accuracy. Uses a high performance Analog Devices 14 bit analog to digital converter.

  2. Sends 16 bits of I/Q Data to the PC via USB. No messy soundcard cables required.

  3. SDR-IQ is USB powered. No power supply is required. Works great with laptops running on batteries.

  4. Incredible receive performance.

  5. High resolution spectrum display with higher resolution and speed than those in $10K radios.

  6. RF preselection filters for great IMD performance.

  7. Serial port to directly interface with radios like the Icom IC-R8500, IC-R9000, IC-R9500, IC R7000, IC-R7100 and AOR AR-5000.

  8. 50 ohm RF input that can be easily interfaced to antennas, Ultrasonic transducers, IR detectors, and other RF equipment.

  9. Open source ActiveX control and ActiveX sample program for easy software customization. SpectraVue (not open source).

  10. Windows, Linux and Mac OS drivers for developers.

  11. Network server that allows remoting of the SDR-IQ™. Servers available for both Windows and Linux.

  12. Adds the best panoramic display features to transceivers like the Yaesu FT1000MP MV, FT2000, FT9000 , FTDX5000 and IC-7800 using the RX output connector, RX loopback  or  IF Output.


  1. Frequency Range: 500Hz to 30 MHz in 1 Hz steps. (Usable down to 100 Hz)

  2. Input Impedance: 50 Ohms

  3. Clipping RF level (Max Gain): -9dBm (Typ)

  4. Maximum Frequency display BW: 190 KHz

  5. Sampling Rate: 66.666 MHz

  6. I/Q Image Rejection: 80 dB+ (Typ)

  7. MDS (500 Hz): -127 dBm @ 14 MHz

  8. Input IP3: 15dBm+ (Typ) * Measured with a dither signal

  9. Voltage: 5 Volts (USB port powered)

  10. Current Draw: 425 mA

  11. Connectors: BNC (RF In), USB 2.0, RS-232 (Serial Bi-directional)

  12. Indicators: Power (Green), Sample (Yellow), ADC Clip (Red)

  13. Dimensions: 3.75x3.75x1.25 Inches

  14. Processor: Atmel AT91SAM7S256 w/ JTAG port.

  15. Analog Demod: AM, WFM, USB, LSB, N-FM, DSB and CW

  16. Measurements Functions: IQ vs. Time, Power vs. Frequency, Power vs. Frequency vs. Time 3D Surface, Power vs. Frequency vs. Time Spectrogram, Power in BW vs. Time, IQ Phase

  17. Max FFT Size: 262144 Point

  18. Max IQ Recording (All BWs): Unlimited to Hardrive.

  19. Screen Update Rate: 50 FFTs/sec , 190 KHz SPAN @ 100 Hz RBW

  20. Window Type: Rectangular, Hanning, Hamming, FlatTop, Blackman, Blackman-Harris

  21. Displayed Average Noise Level dBm/Hz:-133dBm/Hz TYp. 14.200 MHz

  22. Worst Case Spurious Carriers (Birdies):-80dBfs , -100dBfs (typ)

SPAN             IQ DATA RATE          Min Resolution Bandwidth

5 KHz                8.138 KHz                       0.031 Hz

10 KHz              16.276 KHz                     0.062 Hz

25 KHz              37.792 KHz                     0.14 Hz

50 KHz              55.555 KHz                     0.21 Hz

100 KHz            111.111 KHz                   0.42 Hz

150 KHz            158.730 KHz                   0.61 Hz

190 KHz            196.078 KHz                   0.75 Hz

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